Sunday, 3 June 2012

art attack episode 1

Miguel is into Art Attack these days. pag nakahawak yan ng panyo, ilalatag sa sahig sabay sabing "TATATAK" (art attack daw!) Alex the Big Artist lang ang peg. so last Friday, nag art attack kami. i thought of painting session. i just mixed flour to warm water, divided into containers then added food color. safe. para kahit kainin nya ok lang...

i also cut potato in different shapes.

and this is my Miguel in action. tuwang-tuwa ang bagets! ang sarap ng feeling.

at dahil baka magalit si Tatay, this one is for you.

until our next session Tutoy.


  1. hahahaahaha. TATATAK!!!! ano yung apron nya?

    btw Hi Vengieric - the red bag, it's Calvin Klein tote. Got it from a huge sale. almost 80% off.

    1. it was a plastic laboratory apron. pang adult nga yun kaya pinutulan ko pa. pwede na rin siguro improvised plastic bag... but the last time we had painting session nakahubad na si Miguel, diapers lang... =)

      thanks Ms. Denise. i like your tote talaga... =)

  2. ps, am wondering about the paint? where did you get them?

    1. Ms. Denise, i just mixed flour to warm water, then added food color... =)